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Welcome To Thresholds

September 21st 2017

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum, with hundreds of thousands of visits since the site's creation in 2010. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:

Writer’s Road Trip: Traveling the Exterior and Interior Landscape

April 18th 2018

WRITING EXERCISES: PATRICIA ANN MCNAIR offers a strategy to bring structure to short stories: 'When a student says they don’t have anything to write about, or when I get stumped myself, I know that it is not content we yearn for, it is structure...'

At the Heart of Conrad

April 16th 2018

GINA CHALLEN looks at new stories and essays inspired by the work of Joseph Conrad in the anthology, Conradology: 'Not only do the writers embrace the spirit of his legacy by way of style and setting, but take his recurring themes, and see them with fresh eyes...'

When Will I Be Famous?

April 11th 2018

TRACY FELLS looks at Erinna Mettler’s short story collection 15 Minutes : 'These short stories are well paced, with intriguing characters, settings and storylines that compel you to keep reading...'

The 2018 Competition Longlist

April 9th 2018

Over the past weeks, the team of THRESHOLDS judges has been busy reading and re-reading the entries, debating and deliberating. Now, we bring you the 2018 THRESHOLDS Features Award longlist.

A Hygge-free Zone: The Dark Blue Winter Overcoat

April 4th 2018

DAVID FRANKEL recommends The Dark Blue Winter Overcoat & Other Stories from the North: 'The stories gathered here depict the struggle for survival against the environment and ourselves, fusing traditions and blending reality and fantasy...'

A Franco-Irish History of Cruelty

April 2nd 2018

ARMEL DAGORN reveals the cruelty within two poignant short stories, one French, one Irish: 'Picture this: a man steps out, and maybe it’s a good day, and the stars, or traffic lights, align, and all the simple pleasures of a sweet summer morn are revealed to the purposeful flaneur.'

Mind Your Language: Hope and Heartbreak From Female Irish Writers

March 28th 2018

ZOE MITCHELL explores short stories by women writers from Nothern Ireland in Glass Shores: 'As a collection, all the stories display a tension and contradiction at their heart, that comes from the vivid portraits they present...'

A Story You Must Read At Least Twice

March 26th 2018

KATHLEEN H. STORY looks at Stephen Graham Jones' dark tale of fatherly love, and asks how far would you go?: 'Parents often say they would give their left arm or even their life to save their children. That they could kill anyone who tries to harm them. But would they really? This story will force you to question yourself.'

Stunted, but Still Standing

March 21st 2018

JULIA ANDERSON follows Stan, the unreliable young narrator of Joanna Campbell's 'Upshots': 'Campbell’s writing is known for its wry humour, and ‘Upshots’ is no exception as she gives Stan an engagingly naïve voice and many incisively observational one-liners... '

The Road Never Travelled

March 19th 2018

DAN COXON takes a look at Tom Vowler's collection, Dazzling The Gods: 'It’s this sense of fight, of falling as low as they can go and yet still struggling on, that characterises Dazzling the Gods, and that makes these stories more than an accumulation of hard-luck tales and sob stories...'

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