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Feature Writing Competition 2017

January 11th 2017

WRITING COMPETITION: with a £500 first prize. You have until Sunday 05 March, 11:59pm (GMT) to submit your feature essays for the 2017 THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition…

Our Epic Journey From Nothing to Nowhere

February 22nd 2017

JENNIFER HARVEY finds wondrous, imaginative melancholy in Cees Nooteboom's short story collection The Foxes Come At Night: 'Death is at the heart of this collection; it is the central idea upon which Nooteboom – as in so much of his writing – meditates. But it’s a philosophical focus that can put him at odds with some readers, and writers…'

You Already Know This

February 15th 2017

MORGAN OMOTOYE finds much to admire in 'Murderers' by Leonard Michaels: 'Michaels has skilfully succeeded in making us understand the narrator’s wanderlust, his craven desire for motion, velocity, escape from the spectre of death, but he has also made us feel slightly uneasy…'

Stories of Music and Nightfall

February 8th 2017

KATE LUNN-PIGULA discovers the harsh reality of Kazuo Ishiguro's short story collection, Nocturnes: 'it isn’t shocking or political or sexy … It is gentle and mature: not the crazy anecdotes of up-and-coming rock stars, but dejected notes of people who haven’t fully realised their adolescent dreams. It’s a coming-of-(middle)-age collection concerned with life’s smaller anxieties…'

Song of the Silent Snow

February 1st 2017

DAVID FRANKEL looks at Hubert Selby Jnr's uncompromising story collection, Song of the Silent Snow: ‘Each of the stories offers a startling and vivid glimpse into the character’s life, the voices ranging from no-nonsense accounts of hard lives to poetic internal monologues…’

Searching for Borges in ‘The Library of Babel’

January 25th 2017

AIMEE McCAGUE attempts to see past the author we all know to the meaning of 'The Library of Babel': 'Borges' story tells of an infinite library, a universe in itself in which the inhabitants desperately search for meaning in the form of the mythical 'Vindications' that allegedly tell their future…'

A Foreign World

January 16th 2017

SHAFIQAH SAMARASAM looks at the Pulitzer Prize-winning stories of Jhumpa Lahiri: 'Her magnificent stories will echo in the lives of many foreign people because of the strength of her portrayal of their lives…'

Refugee Tales

January 9th 2017

HANNAH BROCKBANK recommends the anthology that explores the experiences of refugees and those who work with them, REFUGEE TALES: 'In tale after tale, physical environments are unforgiving and divisive. Conflicts are both physical and moral, and there is little resolution for the people described. The tales are challenging and resonate long after reading, not only because of their traumatic content, but also in the way they confront our attitudes and responsibilities to our fellow humans…'

An Interview with KJ Orr

January 4th 2017

KJ ORR, winner of the 2016 BBC National Short Story Award, speaks to us about her love of the short story form: 'Short stories ask the reader to pay attention: I love that. Put another way, they value the reader, the reader’s imagination, engagement and attention. I find this both moving and important – profoundly connective…'

Festive Story: Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Blue Carbuncle’

December 16th 2016

FESTIVE STORY: Rounding off the THRESHOLDS year, we bring you a festive treat in the form of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Christmassy short story 'The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle'…

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