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Welcome To Thresholds

September 21st 2017

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum, with hundreds of thousands of visits since the site's creation in 2010. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:

A Magical Discovery of Magic Realism

October 16th 2017

JANIS LANE discovers the magic of Magic Realism on the streets of Montmartre, in the Marcel Aymé short story 'The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls': 'The worlds Aymé creates are characterised by the familiar sights of town and country, where strange and unusual habitants exist alongside regular people who, in turn, often act absurdly. Storylines follow a straightforward narrative, but contain elements of the fantastic while also retaining a logical thread…'

Taking Sides

October 11th 2017

NICOLE MANSOUR finds the power of protest in this Comma Press anthology: 'In the twenty short stories that follow, the history of British protest is revealed through well-researched and historically accurate fiction, and this continuum, this flow between movements, is strikingly uncovered…'

Doors of Perception

October 9th 2017

STORY DISCUSSION: Author MARY O'DONNELL discusses the nature of speculative, futuristic fiction: 'Writing short stories set in the future carries the exact same responsibility as writing short stories set in the present or past. The only difference is that one must convince the prospective reader that the world into which they’ve been invited has some relevance and possibility for them, that it catches a trigger-point of their imagination and allows them to consider such scenarios in all seriousness…'

Stitching Feminism and Fairytale

October 4th 2017

Carmen Machado's short story 'The Husband Stitch' evokes both physical and emotional responses for KATE JONES: 'Even within her chosen title, Carmen Maria Machado sets a scene for a story which is bound to question, provoke and, if you are any sort of feminist, anger…'

A Kind of Magic

October 2nd 2017

JAQUELINE SAVILLE finds the weird and wonderful in two of Neil Gaiman's short stories: 'The detail of the everyday backdrop makes each story feel grounded in reality, there's an emphasis on how mundane it all is – pension day, gardening, an imagined infidelity, the Yellow Pages – then the whole situation, and more importantly the reader's expectations, get flipped by the introduction of one piece of weird…'

Small Wonder Festival Highlights 2017

September 27th 2017

LOREE WESTRON is getting ready for the Small Wonder Festival at Charleston House. Here, she provides a brief overview of the festival and looks at some of the highlights visitors can expect…

Story: An Armenian in Dublin by Mary O’Donnell

September 25th 2017

STORY: We are delighted to bring you 'An Armenian in Dublin', a short story from Irish author Mary O'Donnell: 'Galo and me have made our way home from the town’s newest watering hole, the Bogota Bar, which describes itself in the local paper as “a meeting point for all things Latino —music, dance & the best of vino!” Someone had hung castanets on the walls, along with pictures of flamenco dancers, and posters of bulls…'

Short Story Masterclass with… Adam Marek

September 20th 2017

PODCAST: In the first instalment of the sixth series of our Short Story Masterclass podcasts, Zoe Gilbert interviews award-winning author Adam Marek, discussing the distinction between the fantastic and the surreal, childhood influences, and where stories start and how they develop…

Story: Cecilia Davidsson’s ‘High Mountains, Deep Valleys’

September 18th 2017

STORY: We are delighted to bring you CECILIA DAVIDSSON’s short story 'High Mountains, Deep Valleys', translated for the first time into English: 'We drive into Grimsdalen after putting seventy Norwegian kronor into a roadside box by the barrier, and as the landscape opens up I hear Nils from the back seat saying something in a gruff voice. He’s not spoken a word since we got into the car this morning…'

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