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Welcome To Thresholds

September 21st 2017

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum, with hundreds of thousands of visits since the site's creation in 2010. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:

The Road Never Travelled

March 19th 2018

DAN COXON takes a look at Tom Vowler's collection, Dazzling The Gods: 'It’s this sense of fight, of falling as low as they can go and yet still struggling on, that characterises Dazzling the Gods, and that makes these stories more than an accumulation of hard-luck tales and sob stories...'

The Things We Leave Unsaid: Letters Home

March 14th 2018

HANNAH RADCLIFFE looks at the Northern lives in Martyn Bedford's collection, Letters Home: ' Perhaps what I found most poignant when reading this collection of stories were the things that were not spoken between characters; the words that fall between the cracks. Time and time again, characters seem to slip past one another, their true intentions never quite vocalised...'

The Collapse of Post-War Masculinity in ‘The Swimmer’

March 12th 2018

SHORT STORY ADAPTATIONS: this month, Dr. CHRIS MACHELL looks at decaying masculinity in John Cheever's 'The Swimmer': 'The Swimmer is as much as an attack on the self-involved counter-culturalism of Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation as it is on self-satisfied wealthy suburbia...'

You’re Only Young Once

March 7th 2018

NICOLE MANSOUR looks at the drama, joy and pain in Lucy Caldwell’s Multitudes: ' Caldwell’s collection is a lively and poignant rendering of childhood, adolescence and motherhood, and of how we navigate the landscapes of love and loneliness throughout the course of our lives...'

Eight Ghosts — A Haunted Heritage

March 5th 2018

MORGAINE DAVIDSON braves the chilling worlds and haunted rooms of Eight Ghosts: 'What is it we love about ghost stories? What is the source of their charm, their pervasiveness; that peculiar place they hold in the collective unconscious? Perhaps our curiosity is to blame. We are, after all, an inquisitive species...'

Love And Poison: ‘Allergy’ by Elspeth Davie

February 28th 2018

STEPHEN HARGADON finds subtlety, power and wit behind the familiar scenery in Elspeth Davie’s short story ‘Allergy’: '...there is a richness here, a resonance, an ability, keen and tender, to look at the world from odd angles, to see the extraordinary, the mystical, in the daily churn of human commerce...'

The Girls Behind ‘The Loudest’ Voice’

February 26th 2018

DORA D'AGOSTINO champions the little girl who refuses to be silenced in Grace Paley's story 'The Loudest Voice': 'Shirley Abramowitz, the grammar-school aged, spunky and unabashed main character of the story, now an adult, is recalling the first time she felt important, when everything and everyone conspired for her to be quiet and compliant.'

Phyllis Bentley – A Woman of Strong Passions

February 21st 2018

JULIA HICKEY explores the life and writing of the novelist and short story writer, Phyllis Bentley: 'Once upon a time, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a bespectacled child dreamed of becoming a writer. The child was the offspring of middle-class parents. He was a master dyer. She was the daughter of a mill owner who finished cloth.'

Beauty in a Chaotic World: The Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

February 19th 2018

MARGARET SESSA-HAWKINS reviews 2017’s Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology: 'The stories in this collection are also bound together by how grounded they are in a particular moment, how exquisitely the prose captures the emotions and surroundings of a specific point in time...'

The Beggar Maid: A Novel Made Miniature

February 14th 2018

EMILY DEVANE looks at Alice Munro's expansive short story 'The Beggar Maid' and sees within all the hallmarks of a novel in miniature: 'Most remarkable, though, is the scope of the story, which takes us from the couple’s first meeting to a chance encounter many years later. Munro achieves novel-like resonance in short story form. It is a masterclass of technique.'

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