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2018 Thresholds International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition

January 15th 2018

Get your notebooks and laptops ready - it's the launch of the 2018 Thresholds International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition...

Phyllis Bentley – A Woman of Strong Passions

February 21st 2018

JULIA HICKEY explores the life and writing of the novelist and short story writer, Phyllis Bentley: 'Once upon a time, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a bespectacled child dreamed of becoming a writer. The child was the offspring of middle-class parents. He was a master dyer. She was the daughter of a mill owner who finished cloth.'

Beauty in a Chaotic World: The Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

February 19th 2018

MARGARET SESSA-HAWKINS reviews 2017’s Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology: 'The stories in this collection are also bound together by how grounded they are in a particular moment, how exquisitely the prose captures the emotions and surroundings of a specific point in time...'

The Beggar Maid: A Novel Made Miniature

February 14th 2018

EMILY DEVANE looks at Alice Munro's expansive short story 'The Beggar Maid' and sees within all the hallmarks of a novel in miniature: 'Most remarkable, though, is the scope of the story, which takes us from the couple’s first meeting to a chance encounter many years later. Munro achieves novel-like resonance in short story form. It is a masterclass of technique.'

A View From a Fen

February 12th 2018

A. POYTHRESS explores the psychological landscape of Daisy Johnson's startling collection, Fen: 'Jonson’s command of language is something else. It’s stark, plain, and recognisable to those of us who remember the patterns of thought that haunted us when we were trapped in our own small towns growing up...'

A Shocking Thing for a Child: Subjective Truth in Fallen Idol

February 7th 2018

SHORT STORY ADAPTATIONS: this month, Dr. CHRIS MACHELL takes us back to the post-war film noir of Graham Greene's 'The Basement Room': 'One might expect the perspective shifts to dilute the effect of an unreliable narrator, but the result is actually the opposite, confusing the objective truth of the story’s event with the subjective perspectives of the characters...'

The Dark and Deepened Voice Within

February 5th 2018

LAURA MORGAN explores the changing communities of Canada's east coast in the insightful stories of Alistair MacLeod: 'I can imagine MacLeod being in a car when the back wheels lost traction on a dangerous bend, and how he knew, even before the lurch in his stomach ebbed, that he had to communicate to others this experience...'

Landscapes Beneath the Surface: Best British Short Stories 2017

January 31st 2018

NICOLE MANSOUR takes a look at this year's edition of Best British Short Stories: 'Now in its seventh year, Best British Short Stories 2017 proves to be yet another eclectic and affective anthology of short fiction. Gathered from literary magazines, journals, newspapers, websites and other anthologies by editor Nicholas Royle, it collects together twenty works by writers...'

The Other Elizabeth Taylor

January 29th 2018

NICOLA DALY discusses the work of the English writer Elizabeth Taylor: 'When you tell people that Elizabeth Taylor is one of your favourite short story writers they look upon you a little strangely. '

Still Waters Run Deep

January 24th 2018

SARAH RACHEL BEART looks finds intimacy and redemption in Trezza Azzopardi’s short story ‘Sticks and Stones’: 'Azzopardi never imposes, but invites us to watch the protagonist in his confused flux, eventually work things out for himself...'

Grist and Grain

January 22nd 2018

MIKE SMITH continues his explorations of the stories of H.E. Bates: 'I recently stumbled upon a copy of H. E. Bates’ 1955 short story collection The Daffodil Sky & other stories. On the cover is a quotation from a reviewer: "contains some of the best tales he has written".’

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