Short Fiction in Theory and Practice

Contributions are invited for Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, a new, peer-reviewed journal looking at the short story from a practice-based perspective. We are seeking articles which explore the poetics of short-story writing (its reading, adaptation and translation) and the place of the short story in global culture. While celebrating the uniqueness of short-story writing, we will also explore its diversity. We intend to cross generic and disciplinary boundaries, welcoming contributions which explore the connections between short fiction and other means of expression.


Article submissions:    Articles should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length.


Topics may include (but are not limited to):

1)   Short-story composition, writerly practice and the poetics of short-story writing

2)  Transmission and publishing contexts (e.g. the anthology; online publication; the short story and radio; short-story prizes; the role of the editor)

3)  Writing flash fiction, the novella, sequences, cycles and hybrid forms

4)  Sub-genres, e.g. the science-fiction short story, the supernatural, crime fiction

5)  Multimedia and hypertext; short stories online

6)  Autobiographical and non-fiction short stories

7)  Oral storytelling

8)  Short-story writing and identity, e.g. race, class, gender, nationality

9)  Readings of, and responses to, texts by contemporary short story authors

10) Translation and adaptation

11)  The short story and other media (e.g. photography, music)

12)  Political, cultural, social contexts (e.g. the short story as samizdat, postcolonialism and short-story writing)


The editors will also consider:


*Original creative work if it embodies or incorporates a substantial element of the writer’s poetics

*Interviews with writers

*Translations of short fiction not previously published in English


Please contact the editor in the first instance, with proposals for translations, interviews or creative work.


Putting on the Overcoat


Future issues of Short Fiction in Theory and Practice will include a section devoted to just one important short story. Our first choice, nominated by Charles E. May, is ‘The Overcoat’ by Nikolai Gogol, first published in Russian in 1842.


We are seeking creative and critical responses to any aspect of ‘The Overcoat’. These might include, but are by no means restricted to, topics including:


*creative re-workings or appropriations of the themes, imagery or style


*adaptation (e.g. film, dance and stage play)

*intertextual relationships (e.g. Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel, The Namesake)

*Gogol and the nineteenth century short story

*Gogol’s legacy as seen through the contemporary Russian short story

*the ‘little man’ in the short story

*tragi-comedy in the short story

*tales of revenge

*Gogol’s ghosts

We welcome submissions of any length up to a maximum of 8000 words for this section of the journal.

All submissions should be emailed as an attachment to the editor, Ailsa Cox, by 31 March 2011.  Please contact the editor for submission guidelines. Any references should follow the Harvard system.



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