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An Interview with Zoe Gilbert

February 9th 2015

Join Vicki Heath in conversation with ZOE GILBERT, winner of this year’s prestigious Costa Short Story Award…

Horror and Humanity

May 28th 2014

CARYS BRAY recommends the works of Robert Shearman: ‘I looked for clues to his fiction in his manner, and I came to the erroneous conclusion that his stories were jolly. I imagined page after page of ebullience and cheer; I wasn’t expecting horror…’

What We Talk About When We Talk About Editing

May 26th 2014

When we talk about editing short stories, and we do, a lot, we talk about cutting every word that doesn’t have to be in a story. But I’m not sure it’s always so simple…’ ANGELA READMAN examines the effects of Lish’s edits on Raymond Carver’s short stories.

Where Are You Helen Harris?

May 21st 2014

STEPHEN DEVEREUX searches for Helen Harris, a quiet revolutionary in short story writing: ‘Short stories have characters, right? This one doesn’t. And one of them is the central character, yes? Not in this story. And short stories have plots, don’t they? Well there’s a plot of sorts, I suppose…’

A True Master of the Form

May 19th 2014

CLAIRE THURLOW presents a thoughtful profile on the life and writing of short story master Alice Munro: ‘Compared to Chekhov for her flair with the genre, Munro reveals essential truths about ourselves in an unsentimental, yet deeply humane way…’

A Woman of Words

May 14th 2014

Runner-up in the Thresholds Feature Writing Competition: GILL THOMPSON recommends the short fiction of Katherine Mansfield: ‘The very best short story writers, and Katherine Mansfield is clearly one of these, can distill a profound theme into a word or phrase…’

The Unnerving Tales of Yoshihiro Tatsumi

May 12th 2014

Runner-up in the Thresholds Feature Writing Competition: DAN POWELL recommends Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s graphic short story collection The Push Man and Other Stories: ‘Each time I return to my well worn Drawn and Quarterly edition, I am struck by their undiminished capacity to unnerve…’

2014 Competition Winner

May 7th 2014

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2014 THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition…

2014 International Feature Writing Competition Shortlist

April 30th 2014

COMPETITION SHORTLIST: ‘This year our team of judges found a very high quality of writing across the board, with vibrant and insightful pieces that captivated us, surprised us and even challenged our preconceptions…

The 2014 Competition Longlist

April 22nd 2014

Over the past few weeks, the team of THRESHOLDS judges has been busy reading and re-reading the entries, debating and deliberating. Finally, we bring you.… The 2014 THRESHOLDS Features Award longlist.

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