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My Hundredth Tale

December 7th 2015

MIKE SMITH writes about A.E. Coppard’s ‘My Hundredth Tale’ and autobiography in fiction: ‘…what struck me, reading ‘My Hundredth Tale’, were the truths, about writing, about living in poverty, and about relationship…’

Naming Names…

November 21st 2012

A Fitlow is not a Whitlow, no more than a Dunky is a Harvey…’ MIKE SMITH explores the importance and meanings of character names by looking at those used in the short stories of A.E Coppard.

A.E.Coppard’s ‘The Higgler’

October 3rd 2012

MIKE SMITH discusses his attraction to A. E. Coppard’s short story ‘The Higgler’: ‘It was the word itself – higgler – that attracted me. I don’t recall ever having heard it spoken, or seen it used in any other context…’

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