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Getting Intimate with Place

November 6th 2017

STORY DISCUSSION: Author MARY O’DONNELL discusses the importance of place in the short story: ‘…That’s what’s needed when we consider ‘place’. A knowledge of it as intimate as our own skin, and a sense of how to get behind that skin as we turn the wheels of imagination and bring into being a work which will be all the more memorable for having been defined by place.’

A Turning Point

October 10th 2016

MIKE SMITH finds a pivotal turning point in Elizabeth Bowen’s Collected Stories: ‘I’m struck by a sense of Bowen’s trajectory being on a downward curve. Individual stories are strong, but the sense of an ending coming is stronger…’

Author Profile: Elizabeth Bowen

January 18th 2016

Elizabeth Bowen’s commitment to the short story was extraordinary. Best known for her novels, she has said, according to Lee, that she would give up any of these for her short stories…’ AIMEE GASSTON draws us into the life and writing of Elizabeth Bowen.

Bowen’s Beginnings

October 7th 2015

MIKE SMITH learns much from Elizabeth Bowen’s collected works on the art of beginning a short story: ‘The beginnings of stories, and not only short stories, was the first facet of fiction that I began to consciously study, rather than merely notice…’

Elizabeth Bowen Misremembered

June 30th 2014

MARCELLA O’CONNOR shows us that Bowen’s ‘The New House’ isn’t as straightforward as it first appears: ‘a closer reading reveals that it is actually a radical literary experiment where the setting is used to tell the story of a man’s phantom pregnancy…’

Serious Moonlight

October 2nd 2013

photo by Mikhail Noel by Karen Whiteson In a radio interview in 1947, Elizabeth Bowen was asked to discuss the book which had most influenced her early years; she chose H. Rider Haggard’s She. Bowen first read this Edwardian Gothic novel at the age of twelve, when she had ‘exhausted the myths of childhood…when I was […]

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