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The End

July 6th 2015

PETER JORDAN examines Ezra Pound’s influence on the ending of ‘Up in Michigan’ by Ernest Hemingway: ‘Indeed, ‘Up in Michigan’s’ final paragraph might just be the place to look if you want to see where Hemingway made the leap from young budding writer to potential literary superstar…’

Old and New Views in the Short Story

November 14th 2011

Continuing his exploration into the way stories work, MIKE SMITH looks at how the protagonist’s view of the world changes.

Joined Up Writing, by Mike Smith

October 4th 2010

Beyond that leap, the next scene is entirely different. The characters have vanished. We find ourselves in the transept of a church, and by placing it ‘in Gardiner Street’ an exterior reference, we seem distanced from it. Here the narrator is omniscient, third person, and detached.

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