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Grist: The Men in H.E. Bates’ ‘The Mill’

November 20th 2017

MIKE SMITH examines the role of men in H.E. Bates’ short story ‘The Mill’: ‘With such stories it is easy to focus exclusively on what we might call ‘the victim,’ and on the outcome, but it’s worth also looking at members of the ‘supporting cast’ whose lives, behaviours and attitudes enable and create the events in which the protagonist is enmeshed…’

Baby Shoes

May 22nd 2013

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.’ CHLOE DALTON takes a closer look at one of the shortest stories ever written…

The English Short Story Writer

March 13th 2013

MIKE SMITH looks at the writings and Englishness of V.S. Pritchett: ‘In so many of Pritchett’s stories, there is an uncomfortable consciousness that hangs in the atmosphere like the smell of an extinguished candle…’

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