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Hemingway’s Secret

May 21st 2018

Shortlisted in the 2018 Feature Writing Competition PETER JORDAN examines the influence of dyslexia and the paintings of Cezanne on the short stories of Ernest Hemingway: ‘The defining qualities of Hemingway’s minimalist writing — short sentences, short paragraphs, the short concrete word over its longer equivalent, mistrust of subordinate clauses, omission, and suggestion — here perfectly characterise dyslexic writing…’

Carver’s Cathedral

February 22nd 2016

CLAIRE EDWARDS walks us through Raymond Carver’s classic short story, Cathedral: ‘It is as if he has brought the ancient Greek character Tiresias, whose blindness is compensated for by second sight, into the prosaic setting of a living room’.

The End

July 6th 2015

PETER JORDAN examines Ezra Pound’s influence on the ending of ‘Up in Michigan’ by Ernest Hemingway: ‘Indeed, ‘Up in Michigan’s’ final paragraph might just be the place to look if you want to see where Hemingway made the leap from young budding writer to potential literary superstar…’

Three Stories About Love

March 16th 2015

RAJAT CHAUDHURI examines the tension in love stories by Hemingway, Calvino and Chekhov: ‘What ties these stories together and sets them apart from others is an undertow of tension.’

Another Brandy

February 25th 2013

For many, myself included, it is the short stories, out of all his works, that remain the most memorable.’ JASON CLIFTON recommends Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Clean, Well-Lighted Place’.

photo by David Nedeljkovic

Pregnant with meaning:

September 26th 2011

In her first Thresholds post, CAROL FENLON discusses three analyses of Ernest Hemingway’s ‘Cat in the Rain’ and offers her own interpretation of the story.

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