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The Art of Description

March 7th 2016

ALLYSON DOWLING looks at the evocative description in ‘Boule de Suif’ by Guy de Maupassant: ‘Maupassant was incapable of writing a dull sentence. His prose is naturalistic, full of finely wrought and vivid detail…’

The Moral Crossroads of Marc Le Goupils

July 7th 2014

MIKE SMITH unearths the moral dilemmas of Marc Le Goupils’ short story ‘The Cross-Roads’: ‘Laid almost reverently in the wheelbarrow, with a soft pillow to support her head, the gypsy woman is trundled from place to place in search of somewhere she can die, at someone else’s expense…’

A Mother of Monsters

September 18th 2013

BELLA REID introduces us to ‘A Mother of Monsters’ by French 19th century author Guy de Maupassant: ‘It is very nearly a horror story; I was twelve when I first read it and, at that age, it was the most shocking thing I’d come across…’

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