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A Cold Hand: The Stories Of Robert Aickman

November 28th 2016

FRANCES GAPPER discusses the life and stories of Robert Aickman: ‘Aickman thought the ghost story akin to poetry in its compression and intensity, and his work has been described as ‘English Eerie’ and ‘English Kafka’…’

Possession, Obsession and Unfriendly Ghosts

October 29th 2014

These tales are not classic ghost stories to be read aloud by candlelight at the fireside. They are unlikely to keep you awake at night, twitching at the creaks and groans of an empty house. But they will linger long after reading, as they haunt the deepest recesses of your psyche and buried fears…’ TRACY FELLS takes us into the beating heart of these ghostly tales.

Looking for Trouble

June 4th 2014

VICTORIA LESLIE recommends Mary Butts’ short story ‘With or Without Buttons’: ‘a haunting and skilfully structured story that, like its subject matter, proves that the smallest things can often produce big results. It is about gloves, and what you find when you go looking for trouble…’

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