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The Girls Behind ‘The Loudest’ Voice’

February 26th 2018

DORA D’AGOSTINO champions the little girl who refuses to be silenced in Grace Paley’s story ‘The Loudest Voice’: ‘Shirley Abramowitz, the grammar-school aged, spunky and unabashed main character of the story, now an adult, is recalling the first time she felt important, when everything and everyone conspired for her to be quiet and compliant.’

Stories from the Desert that Speak to the World

April 26th 2017

ELIZABETH EDELGLASS recommends Apples from the Desert by Savyon Liebrecht: ‘Liebrecht is a multi-talented author who has written, and been honored for novels, novellas, plays, and television scripts, but the short story is the form that first brought her acclaim and to which she always returns…’

Two Ears, Three Lucks: A Profile of Grace Paley

June 13th 2016

KATE JONES profiles the career of Grace Paley: ‘The stories she left behind tell the tales of the everyday, ordinary people, often women, who live and breathe both on and off the page.’

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