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A Shocking Thing for a Child: Subjective Truth in Fallen Idol

February 7th 2018

SHORT STORY ADAPTATIONS: this month, Dr. CHRIS MACHELL takes us back to the post-war film noir of Graham Greene’s ‘The Basement Room’: ‘One might expect the perspective shifts to dilute the effect of an unreliable narrator, but the result is actually the opposite, confusing the objective truth of the story’s event with the subjective perspectives of the characters…’

The Fractured City in The Third Man

November 22nd 2017

SHORT STORY ADAPTATIONS: this month, Dr. CHRIS MACHELL looks at the film adaptation of Graham Greene’s short story ‘The Third Man’: ‘It’s certainly rare for authors to capitulate to the changes made to their adaptations, much less admit that those changes improved on the original work.’

Graham Greene’s Alice in Wonderland

March 2nd 2015

STEPHEN DEVEREUX takes us into the surreal underworld of Graham Greene’s short Story ‘Under the Garden’: ‘Greene plays with our desire for a plausible explanation, for a resolution of the mystery, but never supplies one…’

Conspiracy in Barcelona

February 17th 2014

Thresholds’ Social Media Assistant, HANNAH RADCLIFFE, recommends Philip Langeskov’s limited edition short story, Barcelona: ‘When it comes to our destinies, where do we draw the line between fate and free will? ‘Barcelona’ is a short story steeped in the mystery of fate and the idea of the road not travelled…’

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