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Eight Ghosts — A Haunted Heritage

March 5th 2018

MORGAINE DAVIDSON braves the chilling worlds and haunted rooms of Eight Ghosts: ‘What is it we love about ghost stories? What is the source of their charm, their pervasiveness; that peculiar place they hold in the collective unconscious? Perhaps our curiosity is to blame. We are, after all, an inquisitive species…’

Taking Sides

October 11th 2017

NICOLE MANSOUR finds the power of protest in this Comma Press anthology: ‘In the twenty short stories that follow, the history of British protest is revealed through well-researched and historically accurate fiction, and this continuum, this flow between movements, is strikingly uncovered…’

Writing Short Stories

March 9th 2015

We are pleased to bring you the foreword to Writing Short Stories, by acclaimed author Kate Clanchy: ‘The short story, in contrast, shines a harsh light on every word you write and neither gives you a shape nor forgives you for getting the shape wrong…’

Story: Kate Clanchy’s ‘The Real Story’

November 26th 2012

STORY: Read ‘The Real Story’ by Kate Clanchy. ‘To be honest, Giles, I’d like a little more credit and a little less blame. I’d like you, and the directors, and actually, the whole firm of Burns Pope Wilde, Literary Agents, to remember how and where this whole story started…’

Something Was There

June 1st 2012

Chair of the Asham Trust, Stephanie Anderson, leads a discussion on the Gothic and Ghosts theme for the 2011 Asham Anthology, ‘Something Was There’. With ghostly readings from Sarah Waters, Naomi Alderman and Kate Clanchy.

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