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A Magical Discovery of Magic Realism

October 16th 2017

JANIS LANE discovers the magic of Magic Realism on the streets of Montmartre, in the Marcel Aymé short story ‘The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls’: ‘The worlds Aymé creates are characterised by the familiar sights of town and country, where strange and unusual habitants exist alongside regular people who, in turn, often act absurdly. Storylines follow a straightforward narrative, but contain elements of the fantastic while also retaining a logical thread…’

Love and Aloneness in the Stories of Carson McCullers

September 24th 2014

TESS ST.CLAIR-FORD finds the life of Carson McCullers reflected in her remarkable short stories: ‘It is the themes of “love and aloneness” that are the defining bedfellows of McCullers’ stories. Always present in McCullers’ work is an overwhelming sense of sadness, of place, of loss and of threads left untied…’

My True Love

February 14th 2011

Pauline Masurel has a love affair with words.

Robert Shearman — Live Q and A

November 16th 2010

The full transcript of Rob Shearman’s lively and inspirational Question and Answer session is now available in our archives. Click the Q and A tab at the top of the page to see what he had to say…

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