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Writing In The Dark

September 3rd 2014

LYNDA NASH guides us through a selection of exercises to battle those writing demons: ‘It’s difficult to write when your inner critic is telling you that your ideas are stupid, that you couldn’t string a decent sentence together to save your life, and that if you were a ‘proper writer’ you wouldn’t get blocked in the first place…’

Starting Block — An Exercise

March 21st 2012

In The Sound of Music, Maria sings: ‘Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.’ That might be the case if you’re an ex nun in the Swiss Alps but it doesn’t work so well in short story writing.

I Can’t Stand the Suspense!

October 26th 2011

LYNDA NASH offers a few tips on adding the necessary suspense to a short story.

The Queen Of Ing

June 20th 2011

LYNDA NASH writes: Now I’m not completely anti-ing. I’ve nothing against singing or laughing or drinking provided these acts are done one at a time. What I would like to know is – what’s the attraction?

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