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Miss Brill’s Lament

April 10th 2017

JESSICA WHYTE, runner-up in the 2017 Feature Writing Competition, recommends ‘Miss Brill’ by Katherine Mansfield: ‘Katherine Mansfield’s short story ‘Miss Brill’ was written to be read out loud. In early 1921, shortly after the story was first published in the magazine The Athenaeum, Katherine Mansfield wrote to her brother-in-law Richard Murry: ‘after I’d written it, I read it aloud – numbers of times – just as one would play over a musical composition, trying to get it nearer and nearer to the expression of Miss Brill – until it fitted her…’

Rediscovering the Deep South

June 17th 2015

RICHARD BUXTON, runner-up in the 2015 Thresholds Competition, rediscovers the American South through the stories of Tim Gautreaux’s collection Waiting for the Evening News: ‘These stories are replete with his love and understanding of his home…’

Nothing is the way it used to be, yet everything is like before

June 15th 2015

DAN POWELL, runner-up in the Thresholds Competition, considers the themes of Norwegian author Kjell Askildsen’s short stories: ‘The map of Askildsen’s fictional world is adorned with warnings: here be minimalism, repetition, variation and precise, stark prose. His stories, like his sentences, allow no clutter…’

A Woman of Words

May 14th 2014

Runner-up in the Thresholds Feature Writing Competition: GILL THOMPSON recommends the short fiction of Katherine Mansfield: ‘The very best short story writers, and Katherine Mansfield is clearly one of these, can distill a profound theme into a word or phrase…’

The Unnerving Tales of Yoshihiro Tatsumi

May 12th 2014

Runner-up in the Thresholds Feature Writing Competition: DAN POWELL recommends Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s graphic short story collection The Push Man and Other Stories: ‘Each time I return to my well worn Drawn and Quarterly edition, I am struck by their undiminished capacity to unnerve…’

The Games of Night

April 29th 2013

DAN POWELL, runner-up in the 2013 THRESHOLDS International Feature Writing Competition, recommends Stig Dagerman’s short story collection The Games of Night: ‘Sometimes at night, running from the shadows of his own loneliness, Stig Dagerman had a game he would play…’

Competition Winner

April 26th 2013

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2013 THRESHOLDS International Feature Writing Competition…

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