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Defining the Ballardian

November 30th 2016

KATE KRAKE explores the mammoth influence of J.G. Ballard: ‘We tremble at the draconian control of the Orwellian. We muse over the strange nightmares of the Kafkaesque. Some among us might even risk the dark, unknowable madness of the Lovecraftian. But what of the Ballardian…?’


October 8th 2014

It is not often that a modern writer achieves the dubious honour of having an adjective coined as a result of their work. But a word has been added to our lexicon in the case of J. G. Ballard…’ DREW WHITTET explores the development of Ballard’s science fiction short stories.

Digging in Moorcock’s Subterranean London

March 24th 2014

DREW WHITTET goes beneath the surface of Michael Moorcock’s ‘London Bone’: ‘Moorcock has many different styles, priding himself on his flexibility. He enjoys sticking with familiar characters, often dropping them into weird and uncomfortable settings…’

Diamonds in the Smooth

July 3rd 2013

ANDREW LEON HUDSON discusses the stories of The New Yorker and the collection 20 Under 40: ‘I live in Madrid and I don’t read The New Yorker. But not because I live in Madrid. My reluctance has been reinforced for a number of years by almost everything my American friends say about it…’

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