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The Tragedy of Dorothy Edwards?

June 7th 2017

FRANCES GAPPER explores the life and writings of Dorothy Edwards: ‘Hovering awkwardly on the fringe of the Bloomsbury Group, virtually penniless and dependent on a friend for accommodation, Dorothy Edwards lacked the two things Virginia Woolf considered vital for a woman writer of fiction: money, and secure private space…’

The Road to Small Wonder

September 26th 2016

SHORT STORY FESTIVAL: This year, the Small Wonder Festival gets underway on Wednesday 28th September – grown from a long-weekend to a five-day celebration of the exquisite short story form…

The Stories of Objects

July 4th 2016

SOPHIA KIER-BYFIELD explores the similarities between the short form and photographs: ‘…the essence of the person or scene is entirely dependent on the viewer’s response. So much is left unsaid, so much more to tell that can’t be told. Similarly, short stories offer us something restricted, abruptly ended, or open to interpretation. When it comes to these forms, so much more lies beneath or beyond what we see and read…’

On My Travels

March 12th 2014

VICKI HEATH examines Once Upon a Time There Was a Traveller, the 2013 anthology of Asham Award-winning stories: ‘As I read, I considered each story carefully, wondering what made these particular pieces stand out for the judges…’

New Writers With Their Sights Set on Fame

October 25th 2013

CAROLE BUCHAN introduces us to the winners of this year’s Asham Award…

The Story Behind the Asham Trust

June 4th 2012

Asham Trust administrator CAROLE BUCHAN writes about the house that inspired Virginia Woolf — a house which, even after its demise, provides encouragement to a new generation of women writers.

Listen to ‘Mrs. Dalloway’s Party’

January 25th 2012

We are pleased to offer you a live reading of ‘Mrs. Dalloway’s Party’ by Virginia Woolf, recorded at the 2011 Small Wonder Festival. This podcast is exclusively available to THRESHOLDS members and is password protected. Members, see newsletter for details or contact

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