Peer Review

For many of us, Peer Review is an important part of the writing process.  Allowing others to read and comment on our work helps us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a new piece of writing and to discover possibilities for development we may not have otherwise found.

Forum Members are invited to submit material for peer review.  This can include complete short stories, stories in progress, or critical work.  As considered feedback takes time, submissions should not exceed 4000 words.  Work submitted will remain available for review for a period of one month (less, if the author wants the work removed).

The Peer Review facility is a closed forum and material submitted will not be viewable by members of the public.  Material made available for Peer Review, in this closed format, will not be considered as published; the author remains free to submit the material elsewhere as ‘unpublished work’.

All material submitted remains under the author’s copyright and is protected by international copyright laws.  Breeches of copyright, however, remain the author’s responsibilty and authors are advised to take all necessary arrangements to protect their work against copyright theft.

Thresholds, the University of Chichester, and the administrators of the forum cannot be deemed liable in the event of copyright infringement by other members of the Forum community.

Guidelines for Peer Review

All contents of this site are protected by copyright.  Blog posts, features, photographs, material submitted for Peer Review, and all other content by a named author remain the property of that individual and cannot be copied or distributed without their explicit permission.

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