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Not About Nightingales

November 27th 2017

LOUISE MURRAY explores Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales: ‘Look beneath the surface and simplicity of the narrative, and the reader will find concealed there a deep complexity which complements the ornateness of prose – a complexity of morality, of feeling and of soul.’

Rushing Through The Darkness: The BBC Short Story Award

March 1st 2017

DAVID FRANKEL has a look at the stories included in the 2016 BBC National Short Story Award Anthology: ‘each presents us with a character with a crystal clear voice that carries us briefly but completely into their world…’

New Writers With Their Sights Set on Fame

October 25th 2013

CAROLE BUCHAN introduces us to the winners of this year’s Asham Award…

Musical Fictions

July 15th 2013

Author JONATHAN TAYLOR talks to us about combining music and literature, as he prepares to launch his second short story collection, Kontakte and Other Stories – a book of ‘musical fictions’.

Whoever Holds the Rattle Tells the Tale

June 17th 2013

Ahead of International Short Story Day, and to celebrate the publication of Rattle Tales 2, ERINNA METTLER talks to us about how Rattle Tales has grown in the last two years and where their short story performances have led this Brighton-based co-operative.

Story: Kate Clanchy’s ‘The Real Story’

November 26th 2012

STORY: Read ‘The Real Story’ by Kate Clanchy. ‘To be honest, Giles, I’d like a little more credit and a little less blame. I’d like you, and the directors, and actually, the whole firm of Burns Pope Wilde, Literary Agents, to remember how and where this whole story started…’

Bridges – A Global Anthology of Short Stories

November 14th 2012

Opening Bridges is like opening a box of tricks with each story containing a new, magical insight into human nature and the bridges that connect us.’ KIRSTY WALTERS recommends a Global Anthology of Short Stories.

Pulling Words

October 15th 2012

Managing Editor and founder of Labello Press, DEBORAH McMENAMY, talks of their maiden anthology, Gem Street, and of pulling words instead of weeds.

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