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Moons Blackened with Coal Dust

May 28th 2018

ALISON ARMSTRONG explores the dark and sometimes violent world of Breece D’J Pancake’s short stories: ‘The hard-hitting stories are set in rural West Virginia, where the characters labour to survive in a blighted landscape of failing farms, industrialised remnants of mines, and nature struggling to reassert itself.’

The Insufferable Miss Snell

November 12th 2014

JL BOGENSCHNEIDER finds humanity in Richard Yates’ short story ‘Fun with a Stranger’: ‘He has a particular knack of empathising with even the most flawed of his characters; fanning out their vulnerabilities like a poker hand to prove that they’re human, like the rest of us…’

Kaleidoscope Storytelling

September 17th 2014

ALEX RUCZAJ explores the shapes and patterns of story writing: ‘In Kurt Vonnegut’s wonderful lecture on the shapes of stories, he draws curve after curve on his blackboard, showing the story arc – the ‘beautiful shapes’ that all traditional stories follow…’

We Recommend — Kurt Vonnegut

January 9th 2012

PAULINE MASUREL recommends the second posthumously published collection of early Kurt Vonnegut stories and finds that his prescient voice still has a great deal to tell us about the world we live in, today.

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