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Seasonal Writing, Themes of Isolation

December 4th 2017

STORY DISCUSSION: Author MARY O’DONNELL discusses the changing themes in seasonal stories:‘The difference between the then of O. Henry, and the now of contemporary writers, is that we write in a highly nuanced moral atmosphere, so nuanced that the building of ‘uplifting’ lessons into our stories is often avoided…’


March 21st 2016

NAFISA MUHTADI discovers the power of ugly prose: ‘The more I read short stories that are written in the lyrical style beloved by some competition judges, the more I crave ugliness in prose. Poetic narratives with windswept thoughts lyrically describing landscapes, rivers and seas are not for me…’

How to Read Lorrie Moore

May 20th 2013

TRACY MAYLATH guides us through the second-person narratives of Lorrie Moore’s Self-Help: ‘Everyone speaks in ‘yous’: ‘you feel’ when they mean ‘I felt’, ‘you know’ when they mean ‘I want you to understand me’. Perhaps that’s why we find it irritating in literature…’

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