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A Handbook for Being Human

November 6th 2014

HOLLY DAWSON examines the themes and preoccupations of David Constantine’s short stories: ‘If there were a handbook on how to be human when sadness and cruelty are an intrinsic part of being alive, Tea at the Midland would be it…’

Contemplating ‘Mr Carlton’

November 3rd 2014

NEIL CAMPBELL pauses for thought in the world of David Constantine: ‘The contemplation of those moments helps our humanity, and it helps Mr Carlton, provides solace. Constantine, like Hemingway before him, has a naturalist’s eye for observed detail.’

Short Story Masterclass… with David Constantine

February 3rd 2014

In the latest instalment of our Short Story Masterclass series, K. J. Orr talks with DAVID CONSTANTINE about competing narratives, literal metaphors, realisations for a writer and much more…

Short Stories and the Power of ‘Not Knowing’ by David Constantine

March 27th 2013

I start a story because some concrete image or situation prompts or pesters or forces me to. And I don’t know where I am going when I start…’ Author DAVID CONSTANTINE talks to THRESHOLDS about the art of writing stories.

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