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Those who love reading know the magical power that stories possess: they can make us laugh out loud, and they can make us weep.  Stories can lift us out of our own world and transport us to places we can barely imagine.  They can put us into the shoes of people we’ve never met before and allow us, for a short time, to experience lives other than our own.  The best stories can have a truly transformative effect on who we are as individuals, opening our hearts and minds to new ideas and experiences, and changing the way we see the world around us. 


Tell us about a story you love in 1000 words or less.


Essays which are accepted will be archived here, and from time to time, selected submissions will be featured in the THRESHOLDS blog.


SUBMISSIONS and queries should be sent to: thresholds@chi.ac.uk with the subject line ‘We Read’.


We Read Archive :


Angela Carter’s ‘The Company of Wolves’ — by Morgaine Davidson



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